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My husband and I live in Hoboken, NJ and do not need a car for everyday use. We decided to look into buying a used car when we found out we were expecting out first child in March 2013.

We found a beautiful BMW X5 advertised for sale at Queens Auto Mall and decided to check it out. Looking back on it we should not have finalized this sale but we were young and new at this process and we let ignorance get the better of us. When we first arrived to Queens we met with our salesman, Dean. Dean showed us the X5 and told us that to his knowledge it did not have any problems and that the car was in good working condition.

My husband asked to test drive the car and he said that because it was an auction house we would not be able to test drive it. We were also asked to pay a $500.00 auction fee (that we've now learned is ILLEGAL) and were told we could not take the car home the day we purchased it because Isaac, the manager said and I quote "I do not want to put your pregnant wife in a car until it has been inspected, deemed safe and in full working order." One week later we picked up our car and slowly the car began to fall apart. We placed over a dozen calls to Queens Auto Mall leaving our name, contact numbers and reasons for calling. We were then informed a manager would return the call, however, we never received a call back.

My husband and I were giving thought to consulting with legal counsel when Andy, owner and manager started to get involved. Andy appeared to be helpful and claimed he would resolve the matter by trading us into a working car. We made another trip to Queens Auto Mall to test drive a second car only to find it had mechanical issues as well. We were then told that they would contact us the following week with a suitable trade.

It's now been two weeks and communication from Queens Auto Mall has ceased. The following details a list of the things wrong with our vehicle: 1. The radiator and hoses all had to be replaced. 2.

The driver?s side window and back right window do not roll up or down. 3. The check engine light is on and the car failed the emissions test - we've taken it to Queens to be fixed twice for this. 4.

We've now noticed that the tread on both of the rear tires are wearing unevenly and we have been informed that it would not be possible to have the tires aligned without having the alignment bolts soldered off, due to excessive rust and neglect. 5. Leak in the windshield washer fluid reservoir. 6.

The car will not lock or unlock from the inside or outside of the vehicle 7. The radio will not turn on. In addition to all of this please note that Queens Auto Mall attempted to coerce us into writing a 5 star review on prior to the initial pick up of our vehicle.

We are now pursuing legal action due to that fact that Queens Auto Mall has ceased communications us with and failed to resolve any of the before mentioned issues. We would advise anyone considering Queens Auto Mall NOT to purchase a vehicle from this dealer.

Monetary Loss: $7000.

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New York, New York, United States #1214159

Did you get this resolved ?


It's a big time scam they do I m in problem with them taking them court very soon

to Anonymous New York, New York, United States #1290446

We are experiencing the same problem. We want to take them to court and would like to know how to go about taking them to court. Can you please offer your advice?

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